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Call To Arms

In 2006, after Essendon Football Club champion Adam Ramanauskas was diagnosed with cancer, his teammates wore yellow armbands in the Clash For Cancer against Melbourne Football Club. The AFL fined Essendon $20,000 for wearing the armbands, and later agreed that the fine could be donated to Cancer Council, Essendon's preferred charity. Without knowing it at the time, this became the first ever Call To Arms game.

Since then, sporting clubs of all codes and levels have joined the cause by nominating a game each season and painting it yellow with arm bands, socks and face paint.

Compared to women, Australian men are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and are more likely to die from the disease. Call To Arms aims to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer in men.

You can hold your Call To Arms match any time during your season.

Please support this year's Call To Arms and help fight cancer in men. You can find out how to get your club involved in this section or join now by clicking on the button below.

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This page was last updated on: Wednesday, February 11, 2015