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Common cancers

This section features cancer prevention policy advice in relation to specific cancer types - those that are prevalent (common) and can be prevented either through lifestyle modification or early detection of precancerous conditions or early-stage cancers.

Policy information on preventing a number of less common cancers is covered in the resources on specific cancer risk factors. For example, smoking causes 16 cancer types, which vary in prevalence but are all listed in the tobacco chapter of the National Cancer Prevention Policy.

For a number of other cancers - including some that cause high mortality rates - there is no evidence on prevention and screening that can be used to inform public policy. Examples include pancreatic and ovarian cancers. The key to improved outcomes for these cancers is increased and better targeted research investment.

This section of the website focuses only on cancers that can be prevented or detected early using measures shown to be effective by established evidence or are subject to high-level policy debate on prevention and early detection.

These include:

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