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An estimated 114,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia in 2010. Providing support for cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families and carers is a key activity of Cancer Councils around Australia.

Cancer Council NT is a non-government, charitable, community based organisation. Our mission is to reduce the impact of cancer on Territorians and we achieve this by providing supportive care services and resources to people affected by a cancer diagnosis. This is done by delivering practical and emotional support to cancer patients, their families and friends.

Cancer Council 13 11 20 is a free, confidential telephone information and support service (cost of a local call). Anyone can call Cancer Council 13 11 20 - cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families, carers and friends, teachers, students and healthcare professionals.

Cancer Council NT Support Services include:

  • counselling services
  • support groups and networks
  • education groups, programs and information
  • practical assistance
  • accommodation
  • Cancer information booklets
  • Wig program
  • Scarves and headwear for sale
  • Cancer Support Nurse
  • Breast Care Nurse
  • Advocacy
  • Breast prosthesis and Bra fitting
  • Financial Assistance Program
  • Support and information for health professionals
  • Legal and Financial Planning Referral Service
  • Cancer Connect Peer Support Program
  • Cancer Council Online Community
  • Public education programs

For more information about these services contact CCNT on (08) 8927 4888.

Directory of Services ? a resource provided through CanNET NT

Information provided in the Northern Territory Cancer Services Directory is intended to act as a guide to a range of services for people with cancer, their carers, and for health professionals working in cancer care. It is recognised that information about cancer is vital to those whose lives have been touched by cancer. Such information can provide access to a range of tools, assisting people on the cancer journey to understand, accept, and cope with the disease.

This directory includes information about services provided by Government and non-Government organisations including national and Territory bodies representing various facets of the cancer journey.

Services range from counselling, to the use of prosthetics, to access to educational information. People dealing with cancer may require more than one such service during their journey.

Please click on link to view online version Health & Families - Directory of Services. The directory is also available in the form of a booklet - please contact us to obtain a copy.

Cancer Directory

Cancer Directory provides the community and health professionals with a useful, comprehensive online directory of Australian cancer care resources that have been published since 2000 in print, audiovisual (AV) or electronic formats. Read more


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