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Cancer Council plays a major role educating Australians about cancer prevention and early detection.

Our courses, which can be accessed free of charge, aim to assist GPs, health practitioners, OH&S professionals and workers who may face exposure to carcinogens.

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kNOw asbestos in your home

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Exposure to asbestos fibres increases the risk of developing asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Both home maintenance and renovations involving asbestos-containing building products are activities responsible for a growing number of people being exposed to asbestos. Any jobs around the home involving asbestos are a source of concern, given the large number of homes in Australian cities and towns thought to have been built with asbestos-containing products.

This course is designed to give the DIY home renovator basic knowledge about asbestos, and the risks and safe practices when working with or removing, small amounts of asbestos-containing material. If you are thinking of doing a renovation (ranging from painting to the removal of asbestos) this course will be invaluable.

Let's start by finding out more details about the course and about online learning. Learn about Asbestos safety here

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