Cancer Council Australia

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What we do

We are a non-government, community funded organisation. Cancer Council and its members (the 8 state and territory Cancer Councils) undertake a broad range of activities, including:

  • Research – Cancer Councils are the leading independent funders of cancer research in Australia, funding over 450 research projects equating to more than $50 million each year. 
  • Prevention – our early detection and prevention programs aim to help people quit smoking, protect themselves from the sun, eat healthier foods, and engage in physical activity, all to reduce the risk of cancer
  • Support services – Cancer Councils coordinate a network of cancer support groups, services and programs to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families and carers.
    • For example, we help around 100,000 people a year through calls to Cancer Council 13 11 20, help provide over 150 000 accommodation nights pa for patients, friends, families and carers (in selected States), and facilitate over 1000 mentoring relationships a year between a newly diagnosed patient and volunteer cancer survivor.  

Cancer Council Australia's 50th Anniversary

Want more info? See about cancer, about us and our Annual Report 2015-16.

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